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Everyone enjoys this time of year, the brisk weather, the State Fair (and fair food), leaves changing colors and of course…Halloween. During the good times this season brings, be sure to think about keeping your pooch safe from some of these seemingly innocuous things.


While candles can help create a spooky décor around the house or in a pumpkin, dogs may let their curiosity get the better of them and end up with a burn on the nose, so keep them in mind when deciding where to place them. Keep candles placed high or out of reach of your pets and a safe distance from any edges where they could be knocked off by a curious pup.


Most people with dogs know about the danger of chocolate to their furry friend’s health if ingested.  Some owners may not know about grapes/raisins. Raisins, you say? Yes, some healthy minded neighbors like to offer a more nutritious snack for trick or treater’s, and those small boxes are perfect for handing out.  However these snacks can be extremely hazardous to your pets’ health causing kidney failure.  Another problem with candy and pets is not only poison but also the wrappers they come in.  If dogs eat these wrappers, they can become lodged in their digestive tracts and bowels and cause serious problems.


Other things to keep in mind are the costumes you may be using for your family and your dog.  Your four-legged friend can’t tell you that the costume they are wearing is causing a problem or discomfort, so be aware.  Look to make sure the costume is not causing problems to their breathing, vision or movement.  Also, be cautious to make sure that nothing on your pet’s costume would be enticing for them to try and eat, like beads, glow sticks, etc.

Keeping your dog safe during Halloween should be added to your list of things to do when preparing for the occasion.  Remember these tips when decorating and donning for that night of fun. If you think your pet has eaten something that will be hazardous, call your local emergency vet sooner rather than later.

And don’t forget to bring your dog out for daycare at Pupsi donned in their safest, but cutest, Halloween costume! We’ll be hosting our Halloween Costume Party for the pups on Halloween, Friday, October 31st. There will be a costume contest, and the winner of the best costume will receive a $10 off coupon for any of our services here at Pupsi.

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