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About Us

PUPSI was started in 1993 in a small, 500 sq. ft. facility in Cary. All we did at the time was train dogs. There was no boarding; however, daycare was in place as we would let dogs who were being trained “socialize”—a very important part of dog training that still stands firm at PUPSI today.

As PUPSI grew more and more successful, people loved how tired the dogs were when they came home and asked if they could just come for “daycare.” Thus, daycare was born. Those same clients began to request boarding, grooming and much more so PUPSI expanded into a larger facility. When boarding and training for nine dogs weren’t enough for the ever-growing client base, we expanded again. With 2100 sq. ft. and indoor daycare, PUPSI continued with training, boarding and daycare until it’s 3rd expansion on Harrison Avenue in downtown Cary. PUPSI remained at that location for 10 years. The most recent and final “move” for PUPSI is to its new location, a beautiful building with 5000 square feet and the largest and nicest outdoor area for dogs anywhere! Dog owners owe it to their pups to visit and reserve space at this facility. It’s paradise!

PUPSI has remained true to its original founding principles. All kennels are hand-cleaned, with no hose and drain process. Dogs continue to get 5 to 7 hours of outside time unless it is extremely bad weather. Dogs are staff supervised in the outside area which is extremely important—no hands-off use of monitors or cameras. Staff must always be present to react if there is a confrontation, watch over all of the dogs in the exercise area and keep the area clean.

PUPSI’s training continues to be a success. Dogs that go through our training program combined with owner’s who devote the time to continue training at home turn out to be extremely well-trained dogs. We have a combined experience of over 60 years and counting in dog training. We bring our expertise to our clients, dogs and humans alike.

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