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PUPSI is proud to offer premium overnight boarding for your dog! Boarding at PUPSI is an extremely exciting and fulfilling experience, providing dogs with lots of entertainment and exercise. Some of the amenities that your pet will enjoy at PUPSI include:

  • Personal attention by professional staff at all times.
  • Wading pools (summer) and multiple yards spread out over our 15,866 square feet of playground to enjoy during the day.
  • 5-7 hours of stress relieving exercise each day (weather permitting) where dogs will run, chase and play with friends of similar size and temperament.
  • Individual kennel with water, food (owner provided) and bed/blanket.
  • Individual attention for sensitive, older or nervous dogs.
  • Individual boarding rooms available
  • No extra charges for playtime – it’s included!

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Boarding Rates

The rates listed below are categorized by weight of the pet. In addition, rates are provided for both individual kennel and individual room boarding. These rates are all inclusive for individual care, overnight stay and playtime. All rates are per dog, per calendar day, not night (even if sharing a kennel or room)Drop off day is a full day charge regardless of AM/PM drop (1 day minimum), and accrue every AM/PM shift thereafter.

Dog Weight

Under 79 pounds

Over 80 pounds

Kennel Rate



Room Rate




AM 1/2


AM 1/2


AM 1/2

ex: Fri-Sun AM PU = 2.5 days

PM 1/2

PM 1/2

PM 1/2

ex: Fri-Sun PM PU = 3 days

ex: drop off Friday, drop off day is full day charge regardless AM or PM drop off

Drop off and pick up times are:

7:30-9:30 a.m. or 4-6p.m. every day

*These times are subject to seasonal change. The PUPSI staff is here 365 days a year, however, holiday limitations do apply for pickup and dropoff.  

Additional Services:

  • Pet grooming services : Contact us for pricing
  • Administration of medications/supplements: $15 per med, per visit (not per day)

Boarding Rules and Instructions, Feeding and Medications

To help maintain our high quality of service and provide a safe boarding experience for your dog, PUPSI has established some general rules and guidelines. Be sure to read the list below or Contact Us for more information

  • All dogs must be checked upon arrival for fleas. If fleas are found, a flea bath will be administered and the owner charged.
  • Dogs that book the individual room must NOT be destructive. If owner has multiple dogs in a room, be sure they get along with each other.
  • All dogs must be up to date on inoculations to participate in daycare/boarding at PUPSI.  Puppies must be done with ALL rounds of vaccines to start.  Please remember, young pups and senior dogs are more susceptible to bacteria/virus as their immune systems may not be at its peak.
  • Up to date inoculations are required for Rabies, DHLP and Bordetella.  Proof of current flea control is required.  Proof of vaccinations can be brought in when you come or,  faxed to 919-460-0114, or emailed to us at pupsi.inc@gmail.com.
  • Please do not come in if your dog is showing any signs of illness, please let staff know if you have been to your vet for any treatments when checking in or, if your dog is ill or just recovering from an illness.  Communicating this type of  information properly helps us keep Pupsi safe for all dogs attending.
  • If choosing kennel option, please do not bring personal items, toys, beds etc. as PUPSI provides these.
  • Please have all medications labeled with clear instructions.
  • Food must be brought in re-sealable containers such as ziplocs, tupperware containers or bins. Please DO NOT bring in a commercial dog food bag or grocery bag. Please label food with your dog’s name and how much to feed per day, as this will expedite your check in process.  Dogs may lose weight depending on how much they play, please increase your feeding instructions if you have a high energy dog.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Pupsi BoardingPayment Policy: New and existing clients pay 1/3 the total charge (or 1 day minimum) or 1/2 the total charge during holiday periods, depending on availability, as a non-refundable deposit when booking their dog.  Holidays are always a 3 day minimum, no pick up’s or drop off’s on the holiday itself (e.g. Christmas day, Independence day, Memorial day etc.). Payment in full is expected at drop off. PUPSI has a Pay for what you book” policy– You may drop off your dog later than booked or pick up your dog earlier than planned but there is no credit or refund given, we hold a space for the allotted time frame for you, we expect you to honor your contract and be there, or pay for the days that you requested.

Play Surface: Please note the playground surface is astro turf. This is a  NC Department of Agriculture recommended surface for daycare areas, but dogs not used to playing on this surface can get irritated pads which get tougher over time. In the summer time these areas are sprayed down and cool to the touch, and the groups are rotated for short periods of time depending on temperature and humidity. The more active your dog is playing on these surfaces (running, sliding, playing) the more likely they are to irritate their pads. When we notice any signs of pad irritation we will bring them inside for treatment and their playtime will be reduced to decrease further irritation. Pads can blister, crack, cut and bleed once these injuries have started.  Your dog may have trouble walking on the irritated feet and require some downtime and ointment/cleaning regimen.  Please note that this is not commonplace, but we want you to be informed beforehand.

Safe Play: The main focus at PUPSI is the care and safety of your pet. All new dogs are are evaluated for aggression. If any dog is found to be aggressive or “bully” the others, that dog will be removed from play to maintain the safety of the group. However, do remember, this is a facility where dogs get to play with dogs most of the day, and as dogs like to run, slide, play bite, paw, scratch and wrestle, there comes a risk of mild injury (minor cuts, scrapes, nicks, etc.) or more serious injuries (dog bites, etc.). While this is not common, customers should be aware and prepared. Please note that owners are responsible for any vet bills incurred as the result of an injury caused by their dog. This is certainly not commonplace, and our experienced staff members keep a watchful eye to control altercations quickly and efficiently, keeping your furry friends safe and healthy.

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