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Our customers often ask…what is Dog Daycare? PUPSI has incorporated daycare into their daily operations since day one. PUPSI is the largest original dog daycare facility in the Triangle and one of the first in the nation!

Daycare is for dogs that like other dogs. These daycare dogs get plenty of exercise (5-7 hours depending on weather) with a break in the middle of the day to eat and nap. Then they come home each afternoon ready to rest…most are pretty worn out.

Other benefits of dog daycare:

  • Social environment where dogs can play together with proper supervision and care.
  • Day-long schedule to maximize play time, excellent for high energy dogs.
  • Year-round daycare operation (except for weekends which is just for boarding dogs).
  • Personal attention by trained, professional staff members.
  • Great for puppies to help them learn to play and interact with new dogs properly.
  • Socializing for timid dogs that have never been around other dogs before.
  • Helping to curb separation anxiety

You can learn more about PUPSI’s Dog Daycare by using the links to the right or by contacting us!Outdoor playtime at doggie daycare in Cary, NC

Daycare operates Monday through Friday no appointment needed.  If it is your first time please bring proof of current vaccines. Daycare may be available during the weekends (check availability), however, you will be charged your dog’s boarding rate for the day as weekends are just for the boarding dogs. Drop off is between 7:30 – 9:30am and pick up is from 4:00 – 6:00pm. Times are subject to change to accommodate Summer and Winter weather. Daycare closes on some weekdays depending on holiday periods. If a holiday is approaching please check the top of this page for closures to avoid any inconvenience.

Also: during summer operation and warm weather, your dog will probably come home WET! 🙂 This is due to pools and sprinklers that we use to help keep them cool and comfortable. As you probably know, dogs don’t sweat like we do and they have a thick fur coat, so to make sure no one gets overheated we make it top priority to keep them wet during certain temperatures. There is no dirt at PUPSI, however, your pup may smell like a wet dog when he or she comes home. If this is a concern, please let us know, and we will ensure that your dog avoids playing in the water for the day or you can arrange to have a bath.

“Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk…”

Dog Daycare Rates and Rules

daycare1PUPSI provides Dog Daycare at a simple one price fits all rate.

Single day: $25.00 per day per dog.

13 Day Package: $250.00 (Three days free! Save $75! ) These days are good for one year from date of purchase, they are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Unlimited Monthly Package: $300 per month (Ideal for clients needing 15 days or more per month) Come as often as needed for 30 day period Mon-Fri.  Non-transferable, non-refundable.

Additional Services:

Daycare Rules:

PUPSI strives to keep your dog safe and happy throughout their stay. Please read and follow the rules below to help PUPSI maintain a safe and affordable daycare for your pet. Thank you for taking the time to read the following rules for our dog daycare.

  • Please walk your dog prior to bringing him to daycare (this helps to keep our daycare facilities as clean as possible).
  • All dogs must be checked for fleas upon arrival. If found, a flea bath will be administered at an additional charge to the owner.
  • All dogs must be up to date on inoculations to participate in daycare at PUPSI.  Puppies must be done with ALL rounds of vaccines to start.  Please remember, young pups and senior dogs are more susceptible to bacteria/virus as their immune systems may not be at its peak.
  • Up to date inoculations are required for Rabies, DHLP and Bordetella.  Proof of current flea control is required.  Proof of vaccinations can be brought in when you come or,  faxed to 919-460-0114, or emailed to us at pupsi.inc@gmail.com.
  • Please do not come in if your dog is showing any signs of illness, please let staff know if you have been to your vet for any treatments when checking in or, if your dog is ill or just recovering from an illness.  Communicating this type of  information properly helps us keep Pupsi safe for all dogs attending.
  • Please provide any food or treats that your dog will require during their day. We do not recommend feeding your dog breakfast as this can cause them to vomit once they start running/playing. If you would like your pup to eat after the morning shift, please bring the food in a re-sealable container and they will be fed while resting.


  • Please note the playground surface is astro turf. This is a NC Department of Agriculture recommended surface for daycare areas but, dogs not used to playing on this surface can get irritated pads which get tougher over time.  In the summer time these areas are sprayed down and cool to the touch, and the groups are rotated for short periods of time depending on temperature and humidity.   The more active your dog is playing on these surfaces (running, sliding, playing) the more likely they are to irritate their pads.  Dogs are different in the amount that they will show (limping) signs that their feet are beginning to bother them.  When we notice any signs of pad irritation they have to come inside for treatment and their playtime will be reduced to decrease further irritation.  Pads can blister, crack, cut and bleed once these injuries have started.  Your dog will probably have trouble walking on the irritated feet and require some downtime and ointment/cleaning regimen.  Please note that this is not commonplace but can happen and we want you to be informed beforehand.
  • Remember, this is a facility where dogs get to play with dogs most of the day. As dogs like to run, slide, play bite, paw, scratch and wrestle, there comes a risk of mild injury (minor cuts, scrapes, nicks, etc.) or more serious injuries (dog bites, etc.). While this is not common, customers should be aware and prepared.  Please note, owners are responsible for any vet bills incurred as the result of an injury caused by their dog.  Sometimes even the most experienced staff members cannot control an altercation fast enough to prevent injury. While this is not commonplace, it can occur from time to time. Once again, the main focus at PUPSI is the care and safety of your pet. All new dogs are are evaluated for aggression. If any dog is found to be aggressive or “bully” the others, that dog will be removed from play to maintain the safety of the group.

“Follow your instincts…”

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