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Do I need an appointment for Dog Daycare?

Sometimes:) We try to keep daycare drop in as much as possible but it is subject to availability, please check the calendar on the daycare page to see if daycare is; drop in, reservations required or not available. Drop off is 7:30-9:30 AM and pick up 4-6 PM, first time clients need to bring your dogs up to date shot record (or have it faxed or emailed from your vet), fill out some paperwork here, or in person and that’s it! Your dog will be slowly acclimated and should be playing in no time. You can come for daycare on the weekends if there is room but you are charged your dogs boarding rate for the day instead of daycare rate as daycare/playtime on the weekends is just for the boarding dogs.

What is the schedule during the weekend?

Same as always, the dogs go out 365 days a year for 5-7 hours a day (depending on weather). During the weekend the playtime is just for the boarding dogs so when we say “no daycare on the weekends” that simply means for dogs that just need to come for the day. If you do need to bring your dog for the day on the weekend you may still be able to, call to check if there is a vacancy first, if so your dog can come play for the day but is charged for one day of boarding.

Is daycare included with boarding?

Yes. All boarding dogs get the 5-7 hours of playtime included, there is no separate charge for it.

Is PUPSI staffed at lunch/night?

No, over the mid day break one of our groomers is usually here and we may have a staff member in the office working but we are not open and the door will be locked. The reason we close down during the middle of the day to give the dogs a break and allow them time to eat and digest before going back out for afternoon play. The schedule is usually 4 hours of morning playtime, 2-3 hours (depending on weather) of break, nap and digest time, then another 3 hours of afternoon playtime before coming in for the night.  No staff is here over night.

Do the dogs have water?

Yup, plenty of buckets outside during play and their own bowl in their kennel.

What should I bring for my dog to stay?

Current shot records and your dogs food in a re-sealable container (tupperware or zip-loc) labeled with name and feeding instructions.

  • Up to date inoculations are required for Rabies, Distemper/Parvo or combo vaccine and Bordetella.  Proof of monthly flea and heart worm preventative is required.  Proof of vaccinations can be brought in when you come or,  faxed to 919-460-0114, or emailed to us at pupsi.inc@gmail.com.

We provide bedding and bowls (let us know if your dog needs a slow feed bowl-we have them)  If you reserved a private room/suite, you can bring anything you want to put in, make it yours.

Who is there on Holidays closed to the public?

We are still here taking care of the dogs even on days we are closed to the public. PUPSI is staffed 365 days a year to provide your dog with its 5-7 hours of playtime and attention per day. We do shut down for a break in the middle of the day for a few hours so the dogs (and staff) can rest before the afternoon shift.

Is it cheaper if my dogs share a kennel/room?

No, all prices are per dog no matter how you want them configured (side by side, or sharing an extra large run or room).

When can I tour the facility?

Tours are available Mon-Fri 9:30-11 AM no appointment needed.

What are the drop off and pick up times?

7:30-9:30 AM and 4-6 PM seven days a week except for holiday closures.

Is the kennel climate controlled?

Heck yeah!

Do the dogs stay in individual runs?

Yes. Your dog is never going to share a run, kennel or room unless it is your will to do so (or if you own multiple dogs). We do have some clients that come together and ask for them and their friends dogs to share a space since they are buddies.

Do the dogs play in the rain, snow?

Usually. Everything depends on the contentment of the dogs. If most of the dogs are happy and playing, not showing any negative signs, then yes, they can stay out for the regular amount of play time. If there are just a few dogs that don’t like the rain, then just those dogs can come inside. If most of the group looks like it is not enjoying the weather, or we are facing extremes (heavy rain, snow, wind, heat or cold) then we will get them back inside until the weather changes.

Beds/blankets ?

Please do not bring any bedding as we provide them for the dogs unless you are booking a private room.  If you have a private room please bring whatever you would like to have in the room for your dog/dogs.

How do I book a reservation?

New customers-

  • please check the Contact us page for step by step instructions as we will need to create your account first.

Current customers-

  • check availability on the calendar you need (i.e daycare, boarding, grooming)
  • if your time is available, send us an email, text or call requesting the day/dates you want to book
  • we will book your reservation, charge your deposit and send you a confirmation.
Is it too cold/hot outside for my dog?

Winter time- Remember…dogs have fur! 🙂 But still there are those short haired breeds and dogs that are more sensitive to cold, for those we have sweaters on hand in all sizes to keep them comfortable while they play.  However, if any dog seems to be too cold and not enjoying the day, they can come inside where it’s warm and relax.

Summer time- We monitor the weather conditions for each day and adjust the play time accordingly.  The hotter the day the more we will rotate play groups in and out.  They will have plenty of time in the AC and, when outside, plenty of time in the kiddie pools and getting wet.  There is plenty of cool shade to play in but remember… they WILL come home wet 🙂

What happens during inclement weather (hurricanes, snow, ice etc.)?

As long as there are dogs here to be taken care of someone will be here to do so 🙂 During every NC weather event since opening in 1993 we have always been able to get staff here to attend to the pups.  The hours may be modified during those times but don’t worry, we will be here!

Where can I check availability?

You can check the calendars on the boarding, daycare and grooming pages.

I’m not sure how many days I need to book, how do I make a reservation?

Pupsi has a pay for what you book or “parking meter” policy for boarding.  Think of it like a parking meter in that you are purchasing the time you want at drop off.  If you are unsure of your days, always book your earliest idea and then if you need to go over, we can add on or “put more money in the meter.”  If you go the other way, and pay for more time than you need and come back early, there is no refund as you paid for and blocked out that time.  After you make your reservation and you are here on your drop off day, that is your final time to make any changes before you leave and are charged for the time you want.

I did not make it to pick up from daycare by closing, what’s up?

Pupsi closes at 6 p.m.  Phones, emails, facebook messages are not answered after hours.  Any dogs not picked up by 6 p.m. are fed and boarded for the evening.

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