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7 Ways To Exercise Your Dog While You’re At Home

7 Ways To Exercise Your Dog While You’re At Home

The coronavirus has altered many aspects of our day to day lives, including the implementation of social distancing and working from home. While your pup is probably thrilled that you’re home, they still require the same amount of daily exercise, which can be difficult during this situation.

At Pupsi, we want to make sure that the virus does not impact the health of dogs in negative ways due to lack of exercise, so we put together the top 7 ways to exercise your pup while practicing social distancing. 

  1. Dog Daycare
  2. Tug-Of-War
  3. Mental Challenges
  4. Fetch in your backyard 
  5. Hide and Seek
  6. Dog Treadmills
  7. Walks in your neighborhood

Activities For Your Pet While You Practice Social Distancing

dogs at doggy day care

1. Dog Daycare

Daycare for your dog is a fantastic way to not only socialize them, but to make sure they’re meeting the proper amount of exercise needed. Pupsi’s cleaning process and hands-free drop-off and pick-up policy is strict and will give you peace of mind during this tough time. To learn more about Pupsi’s daycare, click here. 

puppies playing tug of war

2. Tug-Of-War

Most dogs love playing tug-of-war, which is a great game to play indoors! This is a fantastic way to challenge your pup and let them have fun during a break from work or after hours.

dog training

3. Mental Challenges

Physical activity isn’t the only way to make your dog tired – mental games and challenges do, too! Mentally stimulating activities enrich your dogs’ lives and help give them something to do. A great way to mentally challenge your dog is by working on their training. Pupsi offers many different training courses, which allows your pup to learn obedience and new tricks, while also socializing with other dogs.

dogs playing with rope

4. Fetch In Your Backyard

Another safe way to exercise your dog but also practice safe social distancing is by grabbing a tennis ball or a frisbee and playing fetch outside! Not only will it tire your pup out, but it allows you to get some fresh air too. 

dog hiding behind bigger dog

5. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a popular children’s game, but dogs love it too! Just tell your pup to sit and stay, hide in the house and then call their name. The activity and challenge of finding you is fun and tiring for your dog.

yorkie on treadmill

6. Dog Treadmills

A dog on a treadmill might sound silly, but it’s actually a great way to exercise your dog! Just make sure to introduce the machine to your dog slowly, and always keep an eye on them. 

puppy looking up

7. Walks In Your Neighborhood

Taking a walk in your neighborhood is a great way to break up your day and allow for some fresh air, sunshine and exercise for your pup. Just make sure that you stay at a distance from other people so you are still practicing social distancing.

No Matter The Situation, Your Dog Needs Activity

Your dog still needs the same amount of exercise to feel their best, even when we are instructed to stay close to home and away from people. We hope the 7 ideas above will inspire you to make this season the best and healthiest for your furry friend!

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