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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Have Professional Training
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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Have Professional Training

Is Training Right For My Dog?

So maybe you just welcomed a furry friend into your family and want to start your dog’s journey on the right foot. Or you’ve had your dog for a few years but have been wondering if now is the time for professional training. Here at Pupsi, we believe that training is beneficial and important for every dog at any time. Here are the top 5 reasons as to why your dog should be professionally trained!

  1. Your dog will learn how to be calm in all situations

Reactivity is a behavior that many dog owners want to fix. Maybe your pup is jumping on house guests, pulling on walks or has a hard time calming down after playing. Professional training will help your pup and you learn how to best handle experiences like this so each situation is calm and without a trace of unwanted reactive behavior.

  1. Taking your pup out in public will be easy

One of the best perks of having a dog is being able to take them on adventures – such as hiking, pet stores, coffee shops and breweries. These trips can be unnatural and confusing for a dog, but professional training will give your pup the tools to succeed in any setting. 

  1. Your dog will learn commands and tricks

Rollover, stay, lay down, sit, shake, leave it and recall are just a few of the commands and tricks that professional trainers can teach your dog. When your dog knows these commands and tricks, it makes everyday life easier. Your dog can sit while you check out at a pet store, lay down when you want them to relax and leave food that is in reach.

  1. Your dog will be socialized

Playing well with other dogs is important to your pup’s happiness. If they do well in group play, they can see your friends’ dogs, go to dog parks and attend doggy daycare. Professional trainers will be able to help introduce your dog to other dogs and teach you how to correct aggressive or inappropriate behavior. 

  1. You won’t have to worry about unpredictability in your pup

When a dog has been professionally trained, their actions are more predictable. You know that they will be calm, listen to you and react in a safe way to those around you. You will be able to rest easy knowing that they will act predictably and calmly. 

Dog Training with Pupsi

At Pupsi, we offer both day training at our facility in Cary and at-home training. At our facility, dogs will get personal one-on-one training with an instructor and play-time with other dogs for socialization. Each day, owners will see what their dogs learned that day and how to reinforce the commands at home. If you are interested in professional dog training, learn more here or  reach out to our team today!

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