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Pupsi’s Super Grooming Service

Before and After Dog Grooming

BATHS and GROOMS currently available 7 days a week!! Please call for an appointment.

Please drop off your dog between 7:30-9:30 am. Pick up will be between 4-6 pm please call first to check availability and seasonal time changes for pick up and drop off.

Our groomers have great experience and are wonderful with the dogs. You name it, we can do it! sensitive skin, itchy skin, oily/yeasty skin, skin infections… we’ve got you covered with shampoos and products for each type.

Long hair, short hair, matted hair, curly hair, straight hair, wiry hair…we can help you decide on some options for your style or stick to your tried and true do! Ask about our wonderful shed treatments to tackle all that undercoat

Like the way nails are done with a dremmel tool? so do we…save your skin and wood floors from scratches with a nice smooth rounding of the nail as opposed to a jagged clipped edge (if they will let us, some pups wont like the noise and will have to be clipped, but we will always try)

Of course, PUPSI offers baths and brush outs, nails trims, anal gland expression, teeth brushing and ear cleaning a la carte if you don’t need a full grooming service.

Combine your day with a 1/2 day of play in the daycare for $12.50, wear em out and send em home clean!

Grooming Rates

When you ask for a…

Bath, it includes shampoo, conditioner, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and blow dry. Prices depend on dog size and coat.  $35 and up.

Flea bath, it includes everything listed on the bath but a gentle flea shampoo is used and in extreme cases of irritation is followed with a soothing soak for the bites. We also give your dog a Capstar http://www.capstarpet.com/ to make sure all fleas are killed.  $20 add on to your dogs normal bath price.

Groom, it includes everything listed on the bath, followed by haircut of your choice. Extra charge for anal glands and brushing teeth. Grooming rates can vary depending on coat condition and dog behavior.  $45 and up.

Shed-less Treatment, this is $15 service you can add on to your bath or groom.  Shed-less treatment includes; Shed-less shampoo, De-shedding conditioner, force dry blow out, and extra time brushing out with a furminator.

Spa Package, this is a $15 service you can add on to your bath or groom.  Spa package includes; Premium shampoo hand picked for your dogs skin and coat, ultra silk premium conditioner, brush teeth, ear cleaning/plucking, dremmel nails, and anal gland expression.

Below is a BALLPARK guide to pricing, we cannot give quotes over the phone.

Dog Type
Cocker Spaniel, Lhasa, Shih-tzu, Maltese, Scottie, Westie, King Charles, Yorkie, Bischon and smaller mixed breeds $45 and up
Golden Retriever, Collie, Sheltie $55 and up (includes scissor paws, skirt,hocks,ears and tail)
Toy/Mini Poodle $45 and up
Standard Poodle $75 and up
Wheaten Terrier/Doodles $75 and up
Springer Spaniel $55 and up
Shave-downs $45 and up depending on size and coat
Irish/Gordon/English Setter $55 – $70

“Avoid biting when a growl will do…”

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