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Importance of Dog Socialization

Why Is Socialization With Dogs Important?

2 dogs being taught the importance of socialization
Dogs playing during day care

You just adopted your puppy and are so excited about the new addition to your family! You can’t wait to train him, play with him and enjoy his companionship. There are so many things to teach your dog in the first year, but there is one important step that is sometimes overlooked. Socialization in young dogs is key to having a friendly pet who is calm and confident in new experiences. If puppies are not exposed to other dogs, people and experiences in a positive manner at an early age, they run the risk of being fearful or aggressive. Our team at Pupsi sees this often, which is why we outlined how you can begin socializing your pup right away and some ideas to make it fun.

Age To Start Socialization

Starting socialization early is the best way to set your puppy up for success. During his first few months of life, your puppy’s behavior and thoughts towards experiences begin to take shape. Because of this, it is very important to expose him to new people, situations and places starting early on. Keep in mind that Pupsi does not take pups until they are fully vaccinated. Whether you are using a daycare or socializing on your own, keep in mind your dog’s health.

How To Start

If your puppy is not up-to-date on shots, the best way to begin is to take your dog with you on walks and to pet-friendly stores. Take them with you on short errands and trips that are dog friendly. This will allow them to take in different experiences while ensuring their safety. If your pet does have all of their puppy shots, then find a daycare you like or play dates with friends who have dogs is a great way to establish positive experiences for your young pup. 

Best Ways to Socialize Your Dog

Doggy Daycare: Daycare is a great way for your pup to meet and play with other dogs while being watched by trained professionals. Pupsi is the largest dog daycare facility in the Triangle and we love helping dogs socialize. Learn more here

Playdates: Playdates with your friends or family’s dogs can be a great way to socialize your puppy with dogs that you know are friendly. 

Obedience Training: Training is a great way to stimulate your puppy’s mind and teach them good manners. Pupsi offers obedience training courses, where pups can play and socialize between their daily lessons. Learn more here!

Trips to Dog-Friendly Stores: Taking your puppy out in public to meet other people and learn to behave in dog-friendly stores is a great training and socialization method. 

Questions About Socialization?

If you’re wondering about how to best socialize your puppy, or want to enroll your dog into daycare for socialization, contact the dog experts at Pupsi today!

7 Ways To Exercise Your Dog While You’re At Home

The coronavirus has altered many aspects of our day to day lives, including the implementation of social distancing and working from home. While your pup is probably thrilled that you’re home, they still require the same amount of daily exercise, which can be difficult during this situation.

At Pupsi, we want to make sure that the virus does not impact the health of dogs in negative ways due to lack of exercise, so we put together the top 7 ways to exercise your pup while practicing social distancing. 

  1. Dog Daycare
  2. Tug-Of-War
  3. Mental Challenges
  4. Fetch in your backyard 
  5. Hide and Seek
  6. Dog Treadmills
  7. Walks in your neighborhood

Activities For Your Pet While You Practice Social Distancing

dogs at doggy day care

1. Dog Daycare

Daycare for your dog is a fantastic way to not only socialize them, but to make sure they’re meeting the proper amount of exercise needed. Pupsi’s cleaning process and hands-free drop-off and pick-up policy is strict and will give you peace of mind during this tough time. To learn more about Pupsi’s daycare, click here. 

puppies playing tug of war

2. Tug-Of-War

Most dogs love playing tug-of-war, which is a great game to play indoors! This is a fantastic way to challenge your pup and let them have fun during a break from work or after hours.

dog training

3. Mental Challenges

Physical activity isn’t the only way to make your dog tired – mental games and challenges do, too! Mentally stimulating activities enrich your dogs’ lives and help give them something to do. A great way to mentally challenge your dog is by working on their training. Pupsi offers many different training courses, which allows your pup to learn obedience and new tricks, while also socializing with other dogs.

dogs playing with rope

4. Fetch In Your Backyard

Another safe way to exercise your dog but also practice safe social distancing is by grabbing a tennis ball or a frisbee and playing fetch outside! Not only will it tire your pup out, but it allows you to get some fresh air too. 

dog hiding behind bigger dog

5. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a popular children’s game, but dogs love it too! Just tell your pup to sit and stay, hide in the house and then call their name. The activity and challenge of finding you is fun and tiring for your dog.

yorkie on treadmill

6. Dog Treadmills

A dog on a treadmill might sound silly, but it’s actually a great way to exercise your dog! Just make sure to introduce the machine to your dog slowly, and always keep an eye on them. 

puppy looking up

7. Walks In Your Neighborhood

Taking a walk in your neighborhood is a great way to break up your day and allow for some fresh air, sunshine and exercise for your pup. Just make sure that you stay at a distance from other people so you are still practicing social distancing.

No Matter The Situation, Your Dog Needs Activity

Your dog still needs the same amount of exercise to feel their best, even when we are instructed to stay close to home and away from people. We hope the 7 ideas above will inspire you to make this season the best and healthiest for your furry friend!

We’re Open! Contact Us Today.

If you would like to talk to us about enrolling your pup in daycare, or need some advice on pet care during this time, contact us today! We are open and operating with normal business hours.

Read our roundup of the most dangerous household items for dogs

At PUPSI, we put our dogs first. If you’ve been wondering how to canine-proof your home to avoid any accidents, read below to learn more about what to keep out of the reach of your furry friend. If you’re unsure about something around the house that might be harmful, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Human food

Our pets eat special food for a reason. Because of their sensitive digestive system, a lot of human foods can be fatal when ingested. Some of the more dangerous foods to avoid giving your dog include:

Household cleaners

Regular household cleaners contain harmful chemicals found in products like bleach and other disinfectants. Some of these products are kept under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom near the ground, so consider putting them in a higher spot so your pet can’t accidentally stumble upon them! These chemicals can cause lots of problems, and if heavily ingested could be fatal.

Human prescriptions

Many different medications can have harmful ingredients that can be toxic to a dog’s system. Always remember to keep these out of your dog’s reach because even a child-proof cap can be chewed through.


Similar to household cleaners and human medications, insecticides are made with poisons that can cause internal damage when ingested. Even though some may claim they’re non toxic, if a large amount is swallowed, it could mean trouble.

Underwear & socks

Leaving underwear and socks around the house may seem harmless, but these items can cause internal distress that may even require surgery! Dogs can ingest underwear or socks and not show signs until almost a week later, where surgeons have to go in and remove them if the dog hasn’t passed them through.

Always be Alert

Moral of the story? The best thing to do around your home is to keep harmful substances out of the reach of your pet. However, if your dog has ingested any of these substances, don’t waste any time. Call your nearest animal hospital and get professional assistance before it’s too late.

How to Tell if Your Dog Has the K9 Flu

Thankfully we have not seen any cases but, in light of the current spread of K9 Flu in NC please make sure to monitor your dog for any flu like symptoms and see your vet if necessary.  If your dog is acting lethargic or different than usual, sneezing, coughing, discharging mucus or holding a resting temperature above 103 please keep them at home and contact your local vet.

Pupsi has been following the news as best we can and is staying in close contact with our veterinarians for any updates.  Currently, as there is no vaccine for this flu we are relying on owners to monitor their dogs for symptoms and if showing any signs to keep them at home and contact their vet. Pupsi keeps a stringent sanitation policy in effect to maintain cleanliness of the facility and will continue to monitor for any symptoms in our guests during their stay.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your patronage.


Everyone enjoys this time of year, the brisk weather, the State Fair (and fair food), leaves changing colors and of course…Halloween. During the good times this season brings, be sure to think about keeping your pooch safe from some of these seemingly innocuous things.


While candles can help create a spooky décor around the house or in a pumpkin, dogs may let their curiosity get the better of them and end up with a burn on the nose, so keep them in mind when deciding where to place them. Keep candles placed high or out of reach of your pets and a safe distance from any edges where they could be knocked off by a curious pup.


Most people with dogs know about the danger of chocolate to their furry friend’s health if ingested.  Some owners may not know about grapes/raisins. Raisins, you say? Yes, some healthy minded neighbors like to offer a more nutritious snack for trick or treater’s, and those small boxes are perfect for handing out.  However these snacks can be extremely hazardous to your pets’ health causing kidney failure.  Another problem with candy and pets is not only poison but also the wrappers they come in.  If dogs eat these wrappers, they can become lodged in their digestive tracts and bowels and cause serious problems.


Other things to keep in mind are the costumes you may be using for your family and your dog.  Your four-legged friend can’t tell you that the costume they are wearing is causing a problem or discomfort, so be aware.  Look to make sure the costume is not causing problems to their breathing, vision or movement.  Also, be cautious to make sure that nothing on your pet’s costume would be enticing for them to try and eat, like beads, glow sticks, etc.

Keeping your dog safe during Halloween should be added to your list of things to do when preparing for the occasion.  Remember these tips when decorating and donning for that night of fun. If you think your pet has eaten something that will be hazardous, call your local emergency vet sooner rather than later.

And don’t forget to bring your dog out for daycare at Pupsi donned in their safest, but cutest, Halloween costume! We’ll be hosting our Halloween Costume Party for the pups on Halloween, Friday, October 31st. There will be a costume contest, and the winner of the best costume will receive a $10 off coupon for any of our services here at Pupsi.


Don’t miss this years Costume Party Friday 10/31! Bring your pup for Daycare as usual, but have in costume (or throw it on when you get here) for a quick picture before they go out to play (costume off of course) There will be food and prizes for all! Up for grabs are free daycare days, discount coupons, treats, free nail trims, and Pupsi schwag!

See more photos from previous Halloween Costume Parties and get more details on this event over on our Facebook page! Bring your pup prepared to have a spooky good time!

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